Be A Simple Gesture Volunteer
in Greensboro, High Point & Guilford County

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Drivers are asked to pick up about 20 bags in or near their neighborhood every other month and deliver the food to an assigned food pantry. It is great to take a friend or the entire family–kids love this job!  Here’s what to expect:

  1. Sign up online (use the form on this page).
  2. Several weeks prior to the pickup date, you will receive an email to ask if you can volunteer that month. If you aren’t available every month, no worries. Volunteer when you can!
  3. If you are available, we will assign you about 20 houses. We’ll send you a route with directions to each house, ending at an assigned food pantry, and a spreadsheet with the contact information for the houses you are assigned to.
  4. Call or email each person on your list to remind them that you are coming, and get any special instructions (some people may be out of town or might leave their bag in the carport). This is a great time to get to know your neighbors!
  5. Get your supply of empty bags at the assigned time (usually the Friday before the pickup and/or Saturday morning).
  6. On donation day, pick up the filled food bags from your neighbors, leave a new bag for the next month, and deliver the filled bags to your assigned food pantry.
  7. Congrats! You picked up an average of 400 pounds of food! What a great way to spend a Saturday morning!

*We also have opportunities to pick up during the week. If you are interested in that, let us know!

A Simple Gesture depends on volunteers for nearly everything we do. If you are interested in helping with anything from office work, recruiting new donors, fundraising or anything between, let us know! Our goal is to match volunteers and their passion and talent to needs that we have. We are always looking for committed and passionate people to work with. Contact us and we will discuss how you could be a great fit!

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