Get Your Business or House of Worship Involved

A Simple Gesture owes its growth in Greensboro, High Point, and Guilford County to our wonderful corporate partners and faith partners.

Here’s how it works:

Faith Community Partners:

  1. Educate your congregation about A Simple Gesture and ask members to fill out a sign-up card.
  2. We do the rest! Every member who signs up gives about 120 pounds of food a year!

Corporate Partners:

  1. One person at your office is the Simple Gesture Champion.  He or she educates co-workers about A Simple Gesture, distributes bags, and reminds everyone to bring their bag back on the designated day. (Don’t worry, we’ll remind you!)
  2. Employees take their empty bags home and put one non-perishable item into their bag every week.  On the designated Friday, they bring their bag to work and get a new bag from the A Simple Gesture Champion.
  3. A Simple Gesture volunteer will come by on the designated Friday, collect the filled bags, give you plenty of empty bags, and deliver the food immediately to local food pantries.
  4. This cycle of giving continues and kids are active and healthy, thanks to the kindness of your office!

If you would like to talk about partnering with A Simple Gesture, please call 336-547-7000 or e-mail,

Butch Sherrill and Bob Biggerstaff