SHARE is ASG’s Food Recovery Program offered to Guilford County Schools.

How does the program help schools?

  • Wholesome extra food that is unopened, prepackaged and individually wrapped including produce, milk and juice that can not be returned to the school food nutrition services department is properly collected and stored in a designated refrigerator.
  • These items are made available to any student within the school at any time during the day.

What are some of the benefits of the SHARE Program?

  • Makes use of our food resources to their fullest.
  • Easy for students and staff to implement and utilize.
  • The food is available to any student in the school, thereby eliminating stigma.
  • Teachers and healthcare workers can offer extra nourishment to students and, in turn, decrease the need to purchase from their personal finances.
  • Allows implementation of North Carolina state curriculum standards of minimizing unnecessary food waste and maximizing valuable food resources.

Let’s look at the numbers.

  • The SHARE program saves about 50 pounds of leftover food items per day, per school.
  • 50 pounds a day = 1,000 pounds a month from one school
  • 1,000 pounds per month times 126 schools = 126,000 pounds of food each month that doesn’t end up in the trash
  • During the school year, the SHARE program can be utilized to redirect over 1,000,000 pounds of food.

What are the best practices for the SHARE Program?

Contact Julia for information on our SHARE Program.

Swann Middle School receives their SHARE refrigerator from ASG Food Recovery.

Make a Donation Towards the Cost of the Refrigerators in All 126 Schools