Green Bag Food Donor Program

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Donors are the Heart and Soul of A Simple Gesture

Your generosity and community spirit allow us to collect food for our food insecure friends and neighbors. Fill your green reusable grocery bag monthly/every other month throughout the month until it’s full.  ASG volunteers will pick it up and leave you an empty green bag to fill for the next pick up.

Your “Simple Gesture” of filling a green reusable grocery bag, multiplied by thousands more in our community, will go a long way in alleviating hunger in our community.


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Faith Communities, Businesses, Schools and Civic Organizations please contact our office if you’d like to set up a Green Bag program.

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How It Works

Sign up to get a free, reusable green bag. We will happily deliver the bag to your home. On each bag is a list of food items local food banks need the most as well as the pick up schedule.

Do your family grocery shopping as usual – every time you shop simply buy 1 or 2 extra items to donate or fill the bag in one trip.  We have a list of most needed items from our food pantry partner. Click the button below to see the items our partners need the most. Pro Tips: Take advantage of buy-one-get-one-free offers or buy one item in bulk quantity.

On the designated Saturday of the month, one of our dedicated volunteer drivers comes to your house, picks up your bag for you and leaves an empty green bag in its place. Your full bag of food is then delivered on the same day directly to a food pantry partner in Greensboro or High Point. You have just helped a neighbor! It is that simple!

If you are already contributing food to our food banks/food pantries, thank you for your generosity. A Simple Gesture is not intended to replace your giving, but to make it easier and more convenient for more people to give.

Volunteer Driver Sign Up

We need volunteers drivers for our Green Bag Program. Pick up dates are on one Saturday each month. Help us get donated perishable food to our food pantry partners.

Nonperishable Food Items Needed

View our list of most needed food items to stock our pantry partners’ shelves.

Green Bag Pick Up Dates by Tag Color

View our pick up dates by tag color – blue, white, orange and green.