A SIMPLE GESTURE-Greensboro is a door-to-door food collection program that provides a steady supply of food to local food banks and pantries in order to end hunger in Greensboro and Guilford County.

Your Simple Gesture


  1. Buy one additional, non-perishable item every week when you go shopping.
  2. Store it in the cool, green, bag that we provide.
  3. Our Volunteer Drivers will come to your home, on the date specified on the attached tag on your green bag, collect your bag of food, and leave another cool, green bag for you to use in the next two months. It’s that simple!

Our Hungry City

Greensboro/Guilford County has been identified as one of the hungriest cities/localities in the country. Our food banks/pantries, including Out of the Garden, Greensboro Urban MinistryBackpack Beginnings, and Jewish Family Services, simply do not have the food to meet the demand that is placed upon them. All of them have waiting lists to fill, and many on the waiting lists are children who go hungry on the weekends and when school is not in session.

Our Community has shown itself to be generous in many different ways. Our goal is to tap into that generosity by making it easy and simple to consistently provide additional food for the hungriest in our community.

A SIMPLE GESTURE began in zip code 27410 and has grown throughout the county.   The genesis of the program began at Westminster Presbyterian Church, a church with an extensive local outreach history and sense of volunteerism. Other churches and faith communities are signing up their members every month!

As we obtain more Volunteers, we will also reach out to Civic Clubs, Corporations, Boy/Girl Scout troops and other organizations that want to help us in alleviating hunger in Greensboro/Guilford County.