What is A Simple Gesture?

A Simple Gesture is a Guilford County based 501c3 nonprofit striving to end childhood hunger and food disparity. Our monthly food collection program, which gets food from our donors’ homes directly to food banks and pantries, makes it easy for people to make a difference in their community.

What is your mission?

Our mission is to provide a consistent supply of food to local food banks and pantries.

Our three main goals are as follows:

  • First, to provide a regular supply of food to ensure no child or family is hungry.
  • Second, we create new neighborhood connections that strengthen our community.
  • Our third goal is to serve as a model for other communities.

How does your monthly food collection program work?

Food donors sign up for a green donation bag to fill with food items by clicking here or emailing us at asimplegesturegso@gmail.com. You may sign up for monthly or every other month pick-ups.

Once you have signed up, we will bring you a reusable green donation bag for you to fill with needed canned, boxed and bagged food items. The bag will come with a tag that provides Saturday pick-up dates and a list of needed food. Here’s a list of suggested items.

We will send a reminder email a few days before we pick up the bag. After that, donors place their filled green bag outside their door on the Saturday pick-up date. Volunteers will come by to pick up the filled green bag and leave a new one to fill for the next pick up.

What kinds of food can I put in my green bag?

We accept nonperishable foods and snacks in non-glass containers. Please refer to the tag on your green bag for the “Most Needed Items.” This past year, we also started collecting Stage 2 baby formula. For more donation ideas, click here.

What happens if my bag does not get picked up or I forget to leave it outside my door?

A Simple Gesture has a food donation bin located outside of our garage at 3503 Redington Drive. You are welcome to drop your donated food in the food donation bin and pick up a replacement bag from the green bag bin. If you need assistance or someone to pick up your bag, please email asimplegesturegso@gmail.com

How does your food recovery program work?

ASG partners with food industry businesses that have wholesome extra food and distributes it to vetted food partners to feed our neighbors in Guilford County. Volunteers pick up food from our partners daily and deliver the food directly to the nonprofits to keep it as its best. Visit our “ASG Food Recovery” page or contact Laura for more information.

Where does the donated food go?

The donated food is collected and provided to a specific food partner agency. Our current partners are:

For nonperishable food:

  • BackPack Beginnings
  • Second Harvest
  • Jewish Family Services
  • Open Door Ministries
  • West End Ministry
  • Burns Hill Neighborhood Pantry
  • Ward Street UMC
  • First Christian Church
  • First UMC Food Pantry
  • COAT of Archdale
  • Grace Point
  • Greater First United Baptist
  • Drawers of Hope
  • High Point Community Clinic
  • Northwood Community Center
  • School-based food pantries
  • Food pantries in Head Start facilities
  • Food pantries in pediatrician’s offices, obstetrician’s offices, and other medical clinics

For perishable food:

  • Bread for Life/New Jerusalem
  • Delancey Street
  • Northside Baptist Church
  • One Step Further
  • Sunday Serve
  • And more dozens others

Other than donating food, how else can I help A Simple Gesture’s mission to feed hungry children and families?

With food insecurity increasing this past year, we have expanded our giving programs so everyone can make an impact. See our giving options page including our Amazon Wish List and our Heroes for Hunger monthly contribution program.

In addition, we always need volunteers to help pick up food and take it directly to our food bank and pantry partners.

How can I get my faith community or company involved?

We love and appreciate our faith community, business and school partners helping us fight childhood hunger! Please contact us to learn ways you can get involved.

How can I receive tax deduction statements or other financial documents from A Simple Gesture?

Receipts for in-kind donations like food are available on request.

Please contact our office at (336) 547-7000 or email us at asimplegesturegso@gmail.com for any questions regarding this or any other financial matters.