Welcome to A Simple Gesture

A Simple Gesture – Greensboro is modeled after similar programs nationwide. The program’s founder, Jonathan Trivers, began this effort in California and it has grown nationwide. A Simple Gesture- Greensboro now helps cities throughout the country set up their own programs. Contact us to start A Simple Gesture in your town! We are glad you are here and looking to help your neighbors.  Our program has 3 main goals:

  1. To provide a regular supply of food to our hungry neighbors;
  2. To create new neighborhood connections and strengthen our community and
  3. To serve as a model for other communities.

Our Method Is Simple

    • Do your family grocery shopping – every time you shop simply buy 1 or 2 extra items to donate.
      Here is a list of our Most Needed Items.
    • Don’t know what to buy? No problem. We have a list of most needed items from the food pantry, or just buy a duplicate of what your family likes.
    • Many donors find a Buy One Get One Free deal, so they can buy one for their family and donate the other. With this model, giving to their neighbors is completely free!
    • On the designated Saturday of every other month – 6 times a year – one of our super fabulous volunteer drivers comes to your house, picks up your bag for you and leaves an empty green bag in its place. Your full bag of food is then delivered directly a partner pantry in Greensboro or High Point. You have just helped a neighbor! It is that simple!