A Simple Gesture – Greensboro is a non-profit organization that helps alleviate hunger right here in Guilford County. We have achieved amazing things since beginning in 2015.  In a little over a year, A Simple Gesture – Greensboro has collected over 133,000 pounds of food!  But there is still much to do and you can help!

We are currently seeking additional corporate partners for food donations twice-a-year, in December and August when our local school food banks really need a boost. We hope to reach 30 corporate partners by December.  Across Greensboro, we have 22 wonderful corporate partners and are so thankful.  Corporate partners can be large like VF Corporation or small like Friendly Pharmacy.  All that is really required is a willing to help.

If you are ready to sign up, let’s get your office started today!

  1. Designate one person at your office is the Simple Gesture Champion.  He or she educates co-workers about A Simple Gesture, distributes bags, and reminds everyone to bring their bag back on the designated day. (Don’t worry, we’ll remind you!)
  2. Workers take their empty bags home and put one non-perishable item into their bag every week.  On the designated Friday,they bring their bag to work and get a new bag from the Simple Gesture Champion.
  3. A Simple Gesture volunteer will come by your office on the collection day, collect the filled bags, give you plenty of empty bags, and deliver the food immediately to local food pantries.

Want to learn more?  Contact Leslie Isakoff at 336-547-7000 or e-mail Leslie  at asimplegesturegso@gmail.com.