Greensboro volunteers, you are making a huge difference in the efforts to reduce hunger in Guilford County through your food donations and the donations of time to A Simple Gesture.

During our August food drive, which took place on August 13, we collected 22,470 pounds of food, our largest collection so far.  In a little over a year, A Simple Gesture – Greensboro has collected over 111,000 pounds of food!  What does that mean for those hungry in Greensboro?  Take a look at how those August donations made a positive impact right here in Guilford County:

  • Three new school pantries were opened this fall by BackPack Beginnings, a 100% volunteer-run organization that has served 14,840 students since its inception.
  • 300 new students will be able to participate in Out of the Garden Project, a group that distributes 1,250 bags of food each-and-every week at nearly 50 schools in our area.
  • The Food Pantry at the Jewish Federation of Greensboro doubled the size of its pantry.  The Jewish Federation of Greensboro provides food and other social services to all, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or economic status.  As their website says, “Life’s challenges don’t discriminate—and neither do we.”

What is A Simple Gesture?  A SIMPLE GESTURE- GREENSBORO is a food collection program that supports the Food Banks and Pantries in Greensboro and Guilford County. We do not store or distribute any food, but take it directly to the Food Banks and Pantries on the days that the food is collected. We manage a large group of volunteer donors and volunteer drivers who make it easy for our friends and neighbors to support the neediest and hungriest in our communities. Much of our food collection will flow directly to kids through the efforts of Out of the Garden and BackPack Beginnings…along with Greensboro Urban Ministry and Jewish Family Services.

Want to help?  We will pick up your non-perishable food donations once every other month and even provide a reusable bag for your convenience. You may also sign up to donate your time and we are always very glad to accept monetary donations.  See our A Simple Gesture Greensboro to learn more how you can get involved.

Thank you for your on-going efforts to alleviate hunger in our area.